Good architectural photography is aesthetically pleasing and an accurate representation of its subject. Great architectural photography, like great architecture itself tells a story; going beyond the individual images in order to communicate buildings’ relationships with their contexts, space and time.

We don’t just take pictures of properties or projects. We produce bespoke inspiring, artistic and sophisticated photographic series that convey our partners unique creations.

Each project starts with research and collaboration. We read up on the history and context of each project before visiting so we can focus photography on a relevant story or idea that captures the essence of the building.



Our hospitality photography captures the essence of your venue. We strive to capture the intangible qualities the place, setting the mood and prompting your customers to imagine and feel what it’s like to experience your offering.

Our photos create room for your vision to come alive and connect with customers. We know the importance of individuality and personality so we work collaboratively to ensure all images convey the heart and soul of your venue.

We differ from our competitors in that we are not “office dwellers”. Our insights derive from real industry experience.

We work one on one with our partners to ensure a bespoke solution that is tailored and unique to their business model

Real Estate

Great photography is the key to every property marketing campaign because a photograph is the buyer’s the first impression. Photography influences their decision to view.

At Sunlit we carefully process every image and retouch it for best effect. Use of cutting-edge techniques to merge multiple exposures we capture a range of tones and give every photo a vibrant, natural feel, which ensures quality reproduction in print and on screen.

We have no in house ‘style’, but instead apply a rigorous design process in which our knowledge and innovation supports collaboration with our partners. We pride ourselves on being excellent listeners and believe this attention to our partner’s needs is reflected in the quality of our work and the individuality of each project.

We understand that the real estate industry is driven by location, price and timing.

Communication is key to making sure you get your images promptly and perfectly. Speed and accuracy flow from our unique photography and editing technologies which enables a quick turnaround without any compromise.


PROPERTY SALES up to 35 exposures per shot expertly blended to eliminate common defects such as sunflare, reflections and harsh light. 

Presented in stunning true to life hi res including natural vistas, perfectly balanced blue skies and sunshine. 

Telling visual stories frame by frame of properties at their best as if experienced on the perfect day.

RENTAL sunlit’s formula consists of up to 6 exposures digitally blended to create perfect lighting details which illustrate true to life tonal range and ambience of each unique space.