68 Lucretia Longueville


How do you sell something that doesn’t yet exist? Show that you not only understand their vision but that you have the means to realise it in a creative and unique way.

Residential construction is more about delivering a lifestyle than a building so portfolio images need to evoke the unique feel of each project while showcasing architectural detail and quality craftsmanship.

The brief

Invite potential clients to imagine and experience the home of their dreams delivered to the highest possible standards with innovative building products, materials and high level finishes.

Produce a collection of images for the projects page on website which showcase the company’s expertise in delivering wow spaces. The projects page has no text so the images must tell the whole story and act as a single point of engagement.

Style solution 

Tell the story of the space through a collection of narratives about each individual element.

Convey the feeling of being in the space with a focus on how the built environment facilitates enjoyment of the stunning natural waterside setting.

Technical solutions

Story telling achieved by using a combination of wide angle context shots conveying the grandeur of the design interspersed with images of details in materials, craftsmanship and vignettes which capture moments from daily life.

Combination of natural lighting and true to life vibrant colour retouching for the feeling of the home as if experienced on the perfect day.

Deploying a narrative editorial approach to image selection and composition by using multiple lenses and focal lengths.

Chromatic retouching to enhance the natural deep oceanic blues and lush vivid green of landscaping, pool and views.