55 Kenneth Longueville


A perfect blend of contemporary living set with the grandeur of a period home this beautiful home is a light filled family oasis.

With an interior that somehow manages to be au courant yet timeless the property benefits from an ambitious and perfectly realised renovation that seamlessly blends a modern colour palette with key textures.

The brief

Highlight the diverse textures of the build and bring out the modern vibrancy of a black and white interior punctuated by pops of colour.

Emphasise the scale and colour of the bespoke joinery and capture the timelessness in the blend of modern and traditional architecture.

Portray the house as the perfect residence for a family of modern entertainers by capturing a moment in life.

The solution

Approach the shoot as a welcome guest walking through by; staging with doors and windows open, shots positioned at entrances and images capturing paused moments where the detail of styling elements are observed.

Position wide angle context shots off centre to accentuate the grand proportions. Mix in square shots to feature the detail of the textual elements of the flooring and bathroom tiles.

Staged lifestyle shots and vignettes of key entertaining locals punctuated with movement to facilitate a sense of vibrancy and life within a property perfectly designed for family life.

Retouch Style –  Emphasis on texturised raw materials blended to capture the structure contrasted with true black joinery framed by a white interior.   Illuminated and desaturation pops of colour celebrates the modern vs traditional architectural blend.   Resulting in a light contemporary Cape Cod finish for this project.