202-112 Elliot Street Balmain


The property benefits from a double combination of a stunning location of natural beauty situated within a vibrant community. The contemporary style residence frames the combined features of the locale in a display of modern Australian architecture at its best. 

The brief

Highlight the dual benefits of the location by inspiring buyers to imagine the potential of life lived in this ideal setting. 

Reveal details of the modern design elements in the property’s interior and convey scale and position of the development.

Style Solution

Adopting an editorial style to tell the story of a day in the life by using a combination of staged lifestyle shots of the interior and balcony.

Using both twilight and day shots of the views, expertly retouched to invite buyers to live through a perfect day. 

Lifestyle vignettes styled with food and drinks ready for entertaining and relaxing help evoke the privileged life of the apartment’s occupier. 

Technical Solution