1 Bligh Street – Sydney


A premium grade highly sustainable office tower the site is the product of three considerations: the view, the public space and the work environment.

The building’s elliptical form, aligned to the the grid to the north strongly marks the address.

The brief

Sensitive consideration of the building’s footprint allows a significant public space enlivened by large scale James Angus sculpture the ellipsoidal surfaces of which draw from the tower’s surface. 

Broad curving steps and a winter garden  create an ideal stage for viewing the surrounding heritage buildings.

The work environment is designed around the principles of flexibility, efficiency, communication and transparency. 

The 120 meter naturally lit central atrium makes dynamic views accessible to all.

Style solution

Capture the transparency and light of the working spaces by making the atrium the hero. 

Convey the feeling of being in the space by humanising the position of shots with a focus on how the built environment reflects the design principles. 

Leaving appropriate spacial voids to emphasise the flexibility and communicative elements by drawing out the building’s openness.  

Demonstrate the interior flexibility by contrasting the repetition of the structural elements with the diversity of function in each workspace. 

Technical Solution

Using a mix of natural and artificial light on different floors to create a contrast which highlights each workspace while conveying the overall ethos of transparency. 

Dialling up textural contrast between matte and shiny surfaces during retouching to capture the range, scale and environmental qualities of the interior materials. 

Movement in a still created by expertly managing exposure lengths to simulate the flow of characters in a vibrant public space. 

Using architectural and sculptural elements to frame shots in order to showcase the efficiency of space. 

Explaining how the same space can be used in multiple ways in a single image by taking a cross sectional photo across the atrium.